Sunday, May 22, 2011

The first fish have arrived!

I thought I had posted pictures of our sprouts but I guess I didn't. It's been about a month since we planted our first seeds, they sprouted up well but they have not had any nutrients because we haven't added any fish yet. Well yesterday we added two 4 inch gold fish to cycle the system and they seem to be quite happy in their new home. The plan is to eventually add tilapia but I haven't found a source yet and the plants are showing nitrogen deficiencies so we're going to use the goldfish as a stopgap measure.

Sprouts! (Thai Basil I believe...)


A closer look.

Cucumber sprouts

Lettuce sprouts

Lots of lettuce sprouts.

Dad feeding the fish.

Our gold fish! Any suggestions for names?

I think they're liking their new home, they swim around a lot and chowed down on the food almost as soon as we put it in.

So the next step in the process is the carefully monitor the water quality and adjust our fish feed according to the ammonia and nitrite levels. The sprouts have come along further than what is pictured but I have been extremely busy the last three weeks or so helping Daniel with his movie, conducting research for my upper-division writing class, and with general shenanigans, but summer is around the corner and at this point we just have to wait and add more fish! I also hope to get the second system up and running asap.