Sunday, September 11, 2011

Update 9/11/11: second system ready

It's September and fall is approaching. Luckily we're in Southern California and that means we can grow fresh produce year-round.

System Progress:

Most everything is doing well. After I sprayed the cucumbers and squash plants with potassium bicarbonate, most of the powdery mildew went away. I took a peek at the carrots and they are tiny! I'm wondering if they will do better in a bed that is all hydroton, or whether they suffered from a lack of nutrients the first month or so after they were planted. I've got to do a better job of cycling the crops, and now that I have experience with gardening I will have a better idea of the space requirements, the time requirements, and the required upkeep. We have also started weighing everything we produce and I plan on using that data for a number of things.

The plants were showing signs of nutrient deficiency so I added some more iron so that should do the trick. Now that my 2nd system is finished I'm just waiting for that to finish cycling so that I can finally buy some tilapia.

Our cucumber plants finally started producing. It took about two and a half months but once they started to produce they started to produce a lot!

Armenian Cucumber

another cucumber

My tomatoes are finally starting to come along. A lot of fruit but still green at the moment. I see a few starting to turn red though!


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